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It's that time of year again folks and a lucky few [well, more like a ton of lucky bastards] were given the chance to watch one of the MOST ANTICIPATED fashion shows of each and every year - Victoria's Secret.  As much as it is a lingerie show and a showcase of a TON of amazing ladies, it is still considered as a fashion show. It's the haute couture of fashion shows! So it's no wonder that everybody who wants to be anybody wants in. EVERYBODY.

It's such a crazy process isn't it? I myself get squeamish at how extremely tight the whole selection of the angels that grace that runway is watching this clip alone. Imagine being a part of that elusive and exclusive list! That in itself must be a DREAM COME TRUE. Anyway, just a little something to whet the appetites of those who haven't been able to watch the show live. Photos are out anyway - so ladies it's time to start exercising to get into those gorgeous skivvies [well I know I would if I could! LOL!]

CREDITS: Video from Victoria's Secret