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Season's Round Up # 81: LOUIS VUITTON FALL-WINTER 2013

Seems like Marc Jacons is pushing the boundaries of sleepwear this season with a seductive collection that befits the bedroom [and in Marc's opinion the streets during winter].

"Everything is about reaction, so we were thinking what we can do now after the geometry and no emotion of last season," describes Marc of his recent Louis Vuitton AW2013 collection. There are a ton of pieces that befits the boudoir - chemise dresses, slips in plaids and tweed and even that of lace. I just wonder how comfortable these pieces will be in the cold wintery season - maybe if you're a fan of this collection you'd be better of wearing them during fall. Looking at his collection this season, I think it's a means of cleansing his palette for what seemed to be countless seasons of sheer brilliance - a break of sorts. It's a very soft yet impactful collection, though I must say from the looks of it they're not that utilitarian which is needed from fall-winter pieces. I guess I'll reserve that judgment once I see the pieces for myself. For now though I think Marc is trying to show a more "grown-up" side to his design aesthetic - scrimping from the playful and outlandish designs he's more well-known for. Hmm...come to think of it, the concept for LV this season is playful and outlandish. Maybe he's doing it right after all eh?

CREDITS: Video from Vogue

Season's Round Up # 50: LAST FEW SS13 PFW FAVE SHOWS

Busy does not even encompass the amount of craziness my week has been. Preoccupied with work, visitors and events [oh and I missed out on 2 already :(] on top of falling ill - are just some of the highlights. In any case, since I haven't had time to take a breather and my week is just about to begin again, I thought I'd just share some of the last few SS2013 Women's RTW shows that I just adored. I know they're already done and over with but I couldn't help myself - these shows are just amazing! CHANEL

Extravagance as a word is not enough to describe this HUGE ASS show! From the ginormous runway and spinning windmills to the larger than life silhouettes, patterns and pearls featured on the runway to the of course infamous Chanel Hula Hoop Bag - it's a show that just screams glam and bam! No other designer could have pulled this off other than the Maestro Lagerfeld himself no? This enormous show deserves ENORMOUS LOVE and I'm sure Chanel addicts will be waiting with bated breath to grab a piece here and there when the collection comes out.


How do you beat a carousel or a train themed fashion show? Why with checked escalators and runways of course! Duh! Season after season, Marc Jacobs brings whimsy and fantasy to Louis Vuitton's shows and it's this brilliant match of fancy and amazing designs that have propelled the label into one of the BIGGEST, if not BIGGEST fashion houses in the world. This season is no different where we see Monsieur Marc push the envelope even further. Checks and seemingly stencilled floral prints would be this season's inspiration, layered with electric hues that would be enough to dazzle one's fancy for fashion. I love how he's used squares and grids, which the label is well-known for via their Damier print and reinvented it. Guess we'll be seeing a ton of checked out fasioneistas next season huh?


I guess it's enough to say that bees were Burton's inspiration for her SS13 Women's RTW Collection. And it was definitely a sweet sweet victory for her as the collection stung like a bee! If you weren't stung by the Mc Queen Bee this season, I don't know under which rock you've been hiding - you'll need to get out and get stung girl! It was sheer brilliance - colors, patterns and prints were reminiscent of beehives, honey and bees themselves. Though the fashion pieces felt more like couture vs. RTW, I think the show's highlight would be its accessories. Fasioneistas all over will definitely be lusting after the shoes, bags, clutches and jewellery that came down the runway. And who could ignore those gorgeous and fashion forward beekeeper hat? I definitely couldn't! Thinking of getting one myself! Lol Guess the Mc Queen Bee stung me that bad ;)

CREDITS: Videos from Chanel, FataleFashionll, Mc Queen


This is my 2nd post about Louis Vuitton this week, following my feature of The Art of Packing[CLICK HERE] and I seriously just had to blog about this because it is such a fun activity!


Basically Louis Vuitton has launched a "Spot the Difference" competition in the UK to celebrate the opening of the Yayoi Kusama Concept Store at Selfridges London. They've released 2 short clips featuring stylish fashion blogger Bip Ling. The first video is what you see above, followed by the second video, which you have below.


Honestly it's just so much fun to find the 5 minor differences between the 2 films. It's like hunting for a needle in the haystack with all those polka dots! You'd literally see polka dots at the end of each film [LOL]. Anyways, one unfortunate thing about this is that the contest is open only to all UK residents so for my dear readers in the UK, it's time to bring out those magnifying glasses and spot one of 5 differences in the video. All then you'd need to do is to tweet your entry to @LouisVuitton_UK with this hashtag: #LVKusama. What will you win? Well, five winners selected randomly will take home a copy of Lewis Carroll’s“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” illustrated by none other than Yayoi Kusama. Not a bad prize at all eh? This will definitely be a collectible to keep!

For more details about the competition, click on this link from Selfridges. Best of luck and may the best "finder" win!


CREDITS: Videos from Louis Vuitton


A colleague of mine at work introduced me to this nifty feature on the Louis Vuitton website called -The Art of Packing. And I'm sure as hell glad that he did! Honestly, this is such a timely find, especially for those who will soon be embarking on their RTW Fashion Week journey's to far flung fashion capitals!

Louis Vuitton The Art of Packing
Louis Vuitton The Art of Packing

Following suit the celebration of The Art of Traveling a few months back, this feature showcases some of the brand's most iconic luxe travel bagsThe Alzer, The Keepall and The Pegase - all with instructional videos on how best to utilize the space available in each one with all of your travel essentials. Not only that, they also showcase tips and tricks on packing, folding and so much more. I adored going through the neat packing trips, unique to the bag's style and make. In general the tips will work for most bags of the same style and make as they are actually quite common sensical and useful to the nth degree. For instance keeping all the heavy pieces at the bottom of your travel bag, opening collars to ensure no creases are on the outer portion, packing together heavy clothing like trenches and slacks, rolling up shirts and cardigans and the list goes on and on!

One thing I noticed though, going through all of this, made me want to run down Louis Vuitton and ensure that I'm all decked out in their travel bags & accessories ASAP. Genius on their behalf if you ask me. Well who doesn't want to travel in extreme luxury? After all, I think that's what their travel pieces stand for. Sheer luxury and art. As they say - travel [and in this case packing] is an art, so why not work with the best option you've got eh?


[youtube=] Though Louis Vuitton did not veer far away from the inspiration of somber colors this season, I believe their collection was marine-inspired enough to make a difference and stand out amongst the black, gray & blue hues we saw in the sea of SS2013 Menswear.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 Menswear Highlights
Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 Menswear Highlights

The collection featured pieces that you'd dare dream dashing naval officers wear when they sweep ladies off their feet. Finely made tailoring was evident in the collection from the various slim-cut trousers to the double-breasted blazers that we saw strut down the runway. What I think was the highlight and key differentiating factor of Kim Jones' collection this SS2013 would be the eye-popping coats, design details and accessories. From "brighter than the sun" yellow anoraks to those classic white boat shoes - lest we forget the exotic skin shoes and rope inspired sandals. Of course there's that gorgeous winged angel shirt and who can ever ignored those dangling pendants off blazer pockets and the piece de resistance - fluorescent [or classic LV printed ones for the more conservative fellows] rucksacks that just scream for attention. Well of course, if you are in need of more head-turning daring pieces, then maybe you can don the neoprene scuba diving suits that were presented towards the end of the show. Way too much? Maybe not for the fashion forward; but for the everyday man, I reckon you guys would rather stick to the key essential pieces of Louis Vuitton's SS2013 collection no?


CREDITS: Photos from Louis Vuitton; Video from Fatalefashionll


It's been a while since my last post on Louis Vuitton and I must say I'm not disappointed that I waited that long because when I do have a post, I make sure it's worth your while. Introducing the Louis Vuitton Epi Eden. I don't have much to say other than j'adore!!! Simple and makes a statement - it's my type of bag. Perfection! My have of the bunch would have to be the tri-colored options. They're simply magnifique. So if you're clamoring for one of these luscious pieces, unfortunately we'll all have to wait until around June timing to grab a hold of one. But then again, if the beauty of these bags is any indication, I'd run down to the nearest LV Boutique and put myself on that wait list.


Thanks to my friend Tanya, read this article from WWD about news on potential designer swapping amongst the labels of LVMH - surfacing around the fashion world of late. Rumor has it that seasoned Louis Vuitton Creative Director - Marc Jacobs will move to greener pastures taking the seat that John Galliano vacated as the Creative Director of Dior. If this transition does happen, this will mean Jacobs will end his now 14-year stint with Louis Vuitton. Who then will potentially take his place if this change does happen? Rumor has it that the master designer behind the revival of Céline, Phoebe Philo, is in talks to take the helm.

My thoughts? Personally I think Marc Jacobs has the experience and creative panache to take over Dior. On the other hand, I'm outraged about the rumor of moving Phoebe Philo from Céline to LV. After the amazing work she's done to bring back the brand in a year, I personally think she should stay with it and keep on building this iconic and strong brand! This decision can potentially mean Céline suicide, with LV left as the only beneficiary!

I'm all for Marc Jacobs' move to Dior but please, they shouldn't move Phoebe to Louis Vuitton! She should continue her amazing work with Céline given the huge potential of the brand. Well, as with any business, decisions have to be made - with supporters and detractors from both sides. We'll just have to wait with bated breath to see what happens.


Finally, Louis Vuitton has heeded the cries of fashionistas out there with the launch of the Speedy Bandoulière - a refurbished version of the well-loved Speedy design. The change? Just the mere addition of a shoulder strap, truly making this classic design as flexible as possible. Oh and believe you me, the options are endless! Check out the possibilities with this campaign Louis Vuitton has commissioned with the new Speedy Bandoulière in action out and about in London. The bag is now flexible to be used as a workbag with a sling to weekend getaways as a weekend/travel bag. The possibilities are just endless!

Available in 4 sizes -25 [USD 1065], 30 [USD 1090], 35 [USD 1115], 40 [USD 1140] - the decision on which size to purchase of this bag is really left to your imagination, considering how economical and versatile the bag is with the addition of [yes!] just a shoulder strap!

Simplicity and function at it's finest don't you think? I must say it is simply an a.Must Have! The strap is such an essential piece of the design that you can call this addition a reinvention of the old into something essentially new.

You can head on down to the nearest boutique in your neighborhood or better yet order online from Louis It's a bag that's too good to pass on!

And at that, I leave you with a question - "what adventures do you intend to have with your Speedy Bandoulière?" A perfect question that matches the campaign photo don't you think?