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5 Must Have a.Bags: THE SHOPPING TOTE

For my second to the last write-up on the bag types that every girl should have, the 5 Must Have a.Bag Series features the Shopping Tote. The Shopping Tote is anyone's best friend when going around town on a grocery or shopping trip or even for a quick day in the beach. It's a piece that should be roomy enough to carry shopping essentials - wallet, phone, bottled water - with enough space to lug around any small purchases. Totes should have a shoulder strap to free your hands and help you carry bigger purchases. Easy access is another essential feature, allowing you to dig up your wallet quickly when you're in a long queue.

Portrait or landscape as an orientation is a matter of personal preference [though I think horizontal ones work best]; size, on the other hand, is a more crucial point of discussion. Most shopping totes nowadays come in varied sizes and honestly a medium sized piece should be sufficient. But for the more involved shopper, getting 1 of each of the basic sizes will give you choices depending on your shopping trip.

There are several well-known options out in the market and below are some of my recommendations that you should go for:

1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull – it seems as if this piece from Louis Vuitton has become a default entry-level luxury tote and it’s easy to see why. For a luxury piece, the tote does not cost as much as you would think, setting you back for as low as USD 770 for the smallest size or as high as USD 870 for the biggest. It comes in varied designs and excellent craftsmanship that's roomy and sturdy for frequent use.

2. Goyard St. Louis - Goyard's version of the Neverfull, the St. Louis is as practical and useful as it's more universal sister. For a tad more of luxury, this piece, in my opinion is the way to go. It comes in a myriad of colors to suit your personality and tastes. Purchasing this piece will probably set you back the same amount as that of the Neverfull - estimating it at €570 for the biggest piece.

3. Louis Vuitton Beauborg - a more unisex version vs. the Neverfull, the Beauborg is as useful and aesthetically pleasing as that of it's sister. Advantages of this would be the roomy interior and multiple compartments including one that is zipped for more protection. Costing you around USD 1030, it's a piece definitely worth having.

4. Céline Cabas - my favorite of the lot, it's an irresistible piece of stylish luxury. It's a statement piece typically made of soft supple leather with material variations depending on the season. Furthermore, it's available in a range of colors, as well as sizes and 2 orientations - obviously a shopping tote collector's haven!

This piece will set you back a bit more than it's contemporaries ranging from USD 1400 and up depending on the material and size. Though pricier, it's definitely a must own piece of prestige.

That wrap's up today's write-up on the Shopping Tote. Do watch out for the final bag type from the 5 Must Have a.Bag Series and for succeeding posts on other notable brands under each type.