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Season's Round Up # 69: FENDI FALL-WINTER 2013

The Maestro has done it again - but this time around Karl send out a message as clear as day - "Fur is Fendi, Fendi is fur" and there is no one else who can do it any better! Fur has been part of Fendi's heritage for as long as I can remember and honestly I think this is a good way of distinguishing what the label stands for. It's a gorgeous collection that is playful and whimsical, feminine yet strong, tribal yet oh so modern and now. Brava Maestro!

CREDITS: Video from American Vogue

Season's Round Up # 40: FENDI SPRING-SUMMER 2013

If there was a show that could rival the glamour and prestige of Prada’s SS2013 Women’s RTW Collection it would have to be Fendi. Spring & summer would definitely not be boring with these 2 powerhouses. Fendi’s collection ensured that we would have one explosive season with a plethora of strong cuts and shapes, mixed with a multitude of fabrics [fur and leather for spring-summer! Imagine that!] and a slew of amazing accessories.

Oh gosh, the accessories alone were enough to make you have a fashion orgasm! The way they redesigned well-known It-bags i.e. the Baguette, Peekaboo and 2Jours, with thoroughly enjoyable striped and bold patterns. And did you notice those cubes, which I believe were borrowed designs from Chanel – spectacular. Of course who can ignore the shoes. Did you guys catch a whiff of the armadillo-ish pair of pumps during the opening? Gorgeous!! The clothes that ran down the runway were in itself masterpieces, rooted in an architectural and graphic base. The color palette was also inspired, where we saw a ton of bold pastels [unusual for pastel no?] - yellow, eggshell blue, caramel, cream, orange and nude. The pieces that I loved the most would have to be those flared capris and the short short skorts [which I’m thinking of purchasing for my very own].

It was a collection that was the perfect mash of cubism with a dash of futurism. How can you go wrong with that? Lagerfeld has outdone himself yet again, proving how he’s bringing Fendi to the forefront of amazing design.

CREDITS: Video from Fendi


Finally! My laptop woes are done and over with! It's been days since I've had issues, which is why you haven't heard from me in a while. But fret not we're back in business! First order of business for me - Fendi. Karl Lagerfeld is truly a master. He has done wonders for the Fendi house and this FW2012 he has done it again. Introducing the 2Jours Bag. One of the most sought after bags for FW2012.

Fresh off its appearance on the runway, it has a classic and luxurious feel that appeals to celebrities and fasioneistas all over! Options are definitely numerous in terms of color and even material. Of course there are the basic and more classic pieces available in black, red, blue and yellow-orange, albeit the ones in mixed material and with patterns are not bad either. Retail price

Fendi 2Jours Interior
Fendi 2Jours Interior

Available in 2 sizes, both of which have roomy interiors that can fit almost anything - making it a perfect workbag or travel bag. Of the 2 sizes, the medium has an internal divider with a zip, perfectly compartmentalizing it into 3 compartments. Apart from the divider, the medium sized piece has a sling perfect for those days when you just feel tired hand-carrying your bag. Personally I prefer the medium sized piece given it's utilitarian design, though if you need something that will tide you over during your travels this season, then the larger one will be a better option. Retailing from USD 2200 to USD 3300 for the more elaborate pieces, Fendi has definitely covered everyone budget wise. So which one's your pick?

[GSS 2012 SPECIALS]: a.Fasione's: Round Up # 10

A few months back you will recall I've written about the trio of Fendi a.Must Have Bags - one of them would be the Anna [CLICK HERE to FIND OUT MORE]. And with the onset of the Great Singapore Sale, I'm pleased to say that they are on 30% off at the moment. The very design I'm showing above - in leather and calf hair combination - is available at Fendi Takashimaya, which is a steal at 30% off. If I were you, I'd head on down and grab myself this goodie while stocks still last.

While there, I'd recommend you check out the Fendi Scarves that are also on sale, most of which are retailing for around SGD 200++ now post the discount. Definitely great buys there!


Last week, I was fortunate enough to be able to grab tickets to the Lady Gaga: The Born This Way Ball here in Singapore. For those who know me, they'd know that I'm not that much of a fan - I like her songs [silly and kiddy as it may sound, I actually love the songs when the Glee kids sing them] but let's just say we can leave it at that. So watching the show was a chance for me to understand her "artistry"; and that I did. True to form, the show was cray cray to the nth level! Watching the show helped me prove a point that she pushes boundaries, way beyond their limits more often than not. From the overgrown Mama Monster giving "birth" to her little monsters to the ludicrous set of a dividable castle with crosses and what not arches - oh and lest we forget, the floating "alien" Gaga head - to the over the top haute couture outfits and scantily clad dancers; all in all it was one extreme concert. Nonetheless, there were moments of bliss - moments where you're allowed to catch a glimpse of the artist and rationale behind all this craziness. And in these instances, you feel her truth as a human being and that she pushes the limits to express her individuality. She champions for each person to reach one's individuality and celebrate it with everyone else, with people you care about and who cares for you.

Why then is she relevant? In my opinion, it’s not because of the crazy outfits or the lewd behavior or the boundary-less songs; it’s what and who she stands for. Individuality. And from what I saw that night it is when she voices these reasons through her songs when she is at her best. It is this message that makes her relevant.

I must say it was one interesting show – a show that will go down in infamy in my list. But I must say I was glad I went. It gave me good perspective on my own individualism – as a person, as a child, as a friend, as a marketer, as a blogger. As the French say, joie de vivre!

(My Outfit for the Concert: H&M Red Orange Blazer, Versace for H&M Long Sleeved Polo Shirt, Polka Dotted Bow Tie, Fendi Leather Cuff, Chanel Interlaced Bracelet, Karl Cut-Off Gloves, Topman Skinny Jeans, See by Chloe Sneaker Wedge)

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The last piece of my Fendi a.Must Have Bags features none other than the Silvana Bag. Timeless elegance best describes this fabulous work of art. It has a classic vibe to it - dare I say a potential heirloom piece - with a modern twist partly due to the myriad of variations available for this bag much like it's sisters - the Chameleon and the Anna.

Come to think of it, this bag reminds me a lot of the Céline Trapeze - in a smaller package if you get what I mean. I just adore the simplicity it evokes considering the small details that make this bag truly unique and beautiful - such as the stitching on the border of the flap to the subtle golden Fendi logo attached on the strap to the detachable shoulder strap and of course the materials and color combinations available.

Its bags like this that make my heart leap just for the sheer joy its artistry delivers. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Better head on down to the closest Fendi shop in town and grab yourselves a piece of timeless beauty!


Chic. Elegant. Classic. These are just 3 words that come immediately to mind when I see the Fendi Anna Bag. After the Chameleon Tote - this is my most absolute favorite bag from the House of Fendi. I just love the sheer simplicity of the bag. Much like the Chameleon it is available in various versions - solid, tri-color and combination of various materials such as the beauty you see above in calf leather and sting ray leather.

Some of the other designs that I've fallen for are as you see above. I just adore the combination of the neutral tones and the other design on the left, which is calf leather with pony hair. Fabulosity! So which one are you lusting after? Click on the photos to purchase your very own - I'm definitely planning on doing so!