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Season's Round Up # 74: DIOR FALL-WINTER 2013

Raf Simons appointment as CD of Dior has been welcomed by the fashion community and his latest offering for FW2013 is no different. Simons has explored the heritage of the fashion house and has used this as the cornerstone of the shows he's done thus far. That being said, we're slowly starting to see him injecting his own design codes, which I'm ecstatic about. Simons is known as a utilitarian designer and this season reflects just that. I love how the looks are practical and feminine - pieces that you can see any woman wearing on the streets of New York, London or Paris. I think what made this collection so special as well is the collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, which you'll find in the recurring hand-drawn motifs on chiffon wisps of dresses in white and black.

J'adore! Brava Mr. Simons!

CREDITS: Video from Vogue

Season's Round Up # 42: DIOR SPRING-SUMMER 2013

Raf Simons is one of fashion world’s most loved and sought after designer. His penchant for thought-provoking pieces and aesthetic has drawn much attention. And his appointment at the house of Dior is definitely one that has been watched.

For his SS2013 Women’s RTW Collection, we see Mr. Simons continuing his trend of staying true to the label’s aesthetic. Sleek, tailored cuts in black and white opened the show and it was very much truly Dior. Where you see his touch beginning to show would be through the colored scarves tied to the model’s necks or the metallics that were shown strutting down the runway; whether on the short heeled pumps or the larger than life bangles or even in the out of the box metallic pastel gowns and skirts. We even see splashes of metallic fabric in some of the deconstructed tops. There were pieces though that I must say I abhorred, for instance the metallic table cloth-like floral imprinted gowns or the pink shift dress that looked like it was designed by kindergartners were a bit too pedestrian for my taste.

Slowly but surely, we’re seeing Simons inject his own take on Dior.  As Alexandra Shulman of Vogue said, "It was everything you expected but in some ways it was completely unexpected," and that I say is mainly down to Simons. I personally think that with any change, it will take time for someone to fully acclimatize to a role. There are still a few haters, and believe me when I say this, I personally think Simons still needs to find and strike that right balance between his design capability and that of Dior’s. He’s still no Lagerfeld for Chanel or Fendi. The journey will be long and arduous, yet I think he’ll get there. He’ll definitely get there and when he does, I’ll be the first to stand up and clap.

CREDITS: Video from Dior

Dior Homme
Dior Homme

Window-shopping has got to be one of my have de-stressing activities. Though admittedly, at times I do get stressed out when I spot something I really really want. And that was the case when I visited Dior Homme at Marina Bay Sands. A couple of pieces caught my eye and I must say until this day I'm still teetering over the edge when I think of them. They had this gorgeous Paint Splattered Effect round neck tee paired with a gorgeous gray vest with a hoodie. The combination was sublime - perfect pairing of classic meets punk. I'm literally giddy thinking about it and how ME the tandem is. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?


The Dior FW2012 Couture Collection has got to be the most anticipated show this season - mainly because it is Raf Simons' first showing as the brand's latest creative guru. All of fashion world is actually abuzz about his debut with the brand - described as a collection that pays homage to the roots of Dior, whilst incorporating modernity into it. Apart from that, Simons' trademark architectural take on fashion was stamped all over the pieces, ensuring though that it doesn't over power and stays the course of Dior's backbone of feminine elegance.

If you ask me though, I have a different view on it. I thought the collection was in it's entirety - safe. Don't get me wrong here, I think he did an excellent job debuting a collection in the amount of time he had and still staying true to the roots of Dior and his aesthetic as a designer. But that said, I honestly think he could've pushed the envelope a bit more. There's actually nothing much more to say from my end on this - suffice to say it was an underwhelming collection for me given all the hype & excitement. I guess I'm just not that into it unlike the rest of the fashion world.


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After months and months [and more months] of speculation and soul searching for the right artistic direction - from Marc Jacobs to Alexander Wang to Ricardo Tisci - Dior has now finally settled and closed the selection with none other than Raf Simons!  Renowned most recently for bringing to life the Jil Sander name - especially with the idea of beginning the wave of colorful hues into the fashion scene - I personally think that he is [surprisingly] the right choice to succeed the infamous Galliano. Though he is known for more minimalist, elegant and simple but statement looks, buzz is floating that he will help breathe new life to the brand and it's collections. Timely and apt if you think about it, especially with this "new" business direction for Dior to be brought forward to the 21st century.

I guess only time will tell - in his case, a mere couple of months till the launch of his 1st haute couture collection for Dior - if Mr. Simons' minimalist sensibilities will bode well for a brand that has thrived for the flair of frivolity and exuberance in it's collections. But until then, I am one who is waiting with bated breath for the wonders I am sure [and definitely hoping] he will put into this iconic and mega brand that is Dior.


I am not that much of a fan of men's perfumes or colognes as I typically find them too strong and musky but I was pleasantly surprised with the Dior Homme: La Collection des Cologne, now available for the first time in Asia in Singapore's very own Dior Homme shop at Marina Bay Sands. Available here in 5 scents, my fave of the lot would be the Bois D'Argent and Vetiver scents which were subtle, yet intoxicatingly seductive. I think wearing either of the two scents will give any guy that sense of accomplishment and power - allowing you to reach for the stars. Ambre Nuit is not a bad option either as it brings an elegant story characterized by oriental notes with a facet of masculinity in a woody rose scent . The pack itself is very elegant much like Dior Homme's couture style - simple crystal cylindrical transparent bottles topped with the brand's staple color of black and symmetrical line design. I also had fun playing with the magnetic enclosure the cap had - a unique experience in perfume dare I say.

Available in 3 sizes, you can grab them at the MBS Dior Homme shop in 125ml [SGD 280], 250ml [SGD 420] or 450ml [SGD620]. Time for a change of scent? Intoxicate yourself with this amazing line!

BeautyAnthony Abalosdior

Thanks to my friend Tanya, read this article from WWD about news on potential designer swapping amongst the labels of LVMH - surfacing around the fashion world of late. Rumor has it that seasoned Louis Vuitton Creative Director - Marc Jacobs will move to greener pastures taking the seat that John Galliano vacated as the Creative Director of Dior. If this transition does happen, this will mean Jacobs will end his now 14-year stint with Louis Vuitton. Who then will potentially take his place if this change does happen? Rumor has it that the master designer behind the revival of Céline, Phoebe Philo, is in talks to take the helm.

My thoughts? Personally I think Marc Jacobs has the experience and creative panache to take over Dior. On the other hand, I'm outraged about the rumor of moving Phoebe Philo from Céline to LV. After the amazing work she's done to bring back the brand in a year, I personally think she should stay with it and keep on building this iconic and strong brand! This decision can potentially mean Céline suicide, with LV left as the only beneficiary!

I'm all for Marc Jacobs' move to Dior but please, they shouldn't move Phoebe to Louis Vuitton! She should continue her amazing work with Céline given the huge potential of the brand. Well, as with any business, decisions have to be made - with supporters and detractors from both sides. We'll just have to wait with bated breath to see what happens.