"Cause we ain't even on earth tonight! We're on a planet where the dudes got money and they ain't afraid to spend it!" I am so in love with this song that I've got it on constant loop the whole day and I think this will be a song I'll have on loop for weeks to come. Definitely the perfect song I needed considering the long day I've had - upbeat and totally danceable! I think Jessica Sanchez's latest single featuring Ne Yo is a dance/pop anthem genius. I can totally hear this playing loud in clubs and just mindlessly dancing to it!

Oh and did you fasioneistas notice that all silver metallic ensemble? It's sick! Adored it - specially the shoes. Departing a bit from my usual fashion features, I honestly think that overall for a first single - it's not bad at all. I'd have to say it's very catching and showcases her vocal chops in a way that's totally now. Though the song is amazing, the video I think could've been done better. Just one tip for our aspiring diva - own it! You're a diva then flaunt it. Loved the parts of the video where she showcased a ton of attitude - just wished it was more consistent throughout. In any case brava girl! Looking forward to more amazing songs ;)

CREDITS: Video from Jessica Sanchez Vevo