One of the most sought after accessory in the fashion world today - fashion giant Yves Saint Laurent does it again with the latest rendition and reinvention of the Arty Ring.

Known for it's quirky, effervescent yet elegant style, the latest release of the Arty Ring for Spring-Summer 2012 is injected with glamour steroids for triple if not quintuple stylish madness! Words are not enough to describe these beauties - they're best seen in stores yourself. Now available at the YSL Ion Boutique in Singapore or you can get them online [click on the photos and it will bring you to online retailers that sell these pieces such as Saks Fifth or MyTheresa]. By the way, for those wondering, these will set you back around double the original version's price. My favorite of the lot would be -

I've been stopping myself from getting a piece of my very own as I have this belief that a ring should be given to you by a loved one; so I guess we'll see how long I can deprive myself of this much needed fashion accessory. For now, I'll be living vicariously through you my dear readers as I'm sure those of you who can appreciate haute jewelry will be running down to the nearest stores to grab a pair or 2.