It seems as if that with the welcome of Hedi Slimane back as YSL's Creative Director, new blood will be injected into YSL's most iconic bag - the Muse.

I spotted the YSL Bowler Muse [aka Weekly Muse] at the Ion Orchard boutique during one of my more recent shopping trips with dear friend Anj. We immediately took notice of this interesting take on such a classic and iconic bag. I love the fact that in this variation, they've kept the classic curve of the bag opening intact and reduced the size, mimicking the shape of LV's Speedy. Honestly, when I was imagining the love child of YSL's Muse and Chyc bags, this is what it looked like!

Most likely taking a hint from the launch of the Speedy Bandouliere, YSL also added a handy detachable strap [which honestly seems to be a must do for them given they've also now added a strap to their Chyc line]. In terms of color options, my favorite of the lot would definitely have to be this light baby blue color. It's such a fresh take on a classic piece that you can never go wrong with a vibrant and happy hue. Fret not the bag is available as well in classic black, light sepia and dark magenta for those hankering for a non-seasonal hue. Priced at SGD 2330 here in 'lil 'ol Singapore, it definitely is not a bad piece to consider adding to one's bag collection. Alternatively, elsewhere such as the US, it is available for USD 1750 a pop from the YSL Online Shop. Alternatively, you can pick it off Saks Fifth for about USD 1800 [CLICK HERE to PURCHASE]. Time to whip out your plastics fasione-istas! I'm predicting a keeper on this one so invest away!