Following my initial post last 6th of December on the much sought after Chanel Interlaced Chain Bracelets, we now have updates on prices, sizes and variations available for this Spring-Summer 2012 a.Must Have. As initially mentioned, the bracelets are to be available in either gold or silver hardware in a slew of colors for you to choose from. The lovely SAs of Chanel Marina Bay Sands have informed me that they will be available in 3 options - single, double or triple loop and 3 sizes - small, medium and large. Prices are based on the 3 options where they will retail at SGD 740, 940 and 1810 respectively. Pricey, I know! But for something as classic as this, it should be worth every penny. Just one caveat - the SAs are uncertain if the triple loop option will be a solid cuff or something moveable and more flexible such as the Hermés Kelly Double Tour; so we will all need to see for ourselves when they arrive in stores.

I am already waiting with bated breath for when these pieces will arrive as part of Chanel's Spring-Summer 2012 collection here - so ladies better head on down to the nearest Chanel boutique and get yourself wait listed!

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