Travalo is one freaking amazing piece of invention. When I buy perfume, I would typically get the largest size simply because it's more economical and it lasts longer. The problem is it's so irritating to lug around all day or worse carry it with you when you travel. One day, in the office, a friend introduced this nifty little device and I must say I just fell in love!

Don't care if this has been around since forever and I just discovered it now but seriously, I am declaring this as a.Must Have! I don't know why it took so long for anyone to invent this give or take the fact that the perfume industry has been around like forever, but seriously Travalo is so useful! So I say every fasioneista shouldn't be caught dead without one! For those interested to purchase one, you can visit Travalo's website and purchase from there as they ship worldwide.


CREDITS: Video from Travalo

BeautyAnthony Abalos