I've been very quiet the past week or so and it's just a testament of how crazy busy I've been, which is why you guys haven't heard from me in a while. And in spite of the fact that I took a few days off to rest - thinking I could use the time to add up a few more blog posts before May ended - I think my body was just screaming "rest up" as I got sick in any case. Anyway, since I wasn't able to end the month of May quite properly, thought it might be a good segue to begin June. Capping off last month's momentous collaboration with burgeoning fashion brand Raoul is this feature of the work I've done on their monthly e-newsletter for the month of May. I'm just so thankful for the opportunity that they've given to me to work with them as I truly adore the style sensibilities that the brand has and it works quite well with my own approach to fashion and style. Click on the mailer to find out of their various offerings for the month of May, as well as for snippets of the recently concluded Fall-Winter Women's Show at the Audi Fashion Festival [CLICK HERE for my REVIEW of the SHOW]. Oh! And as a final hurrah, check out some of the BLOOPER/EXTRA PHOTOS from the day of the shoot. Enjoy!