I am not one who takes an instant liking to shoes that have a sense of timeless grace to them - I'm more of here and now when it comes to the type of shoes I fall for - but I must say that I was extremely impressed with the latest Hand Made Shoe Designs from Prada. These shoes are now available for order online [CLICK HERE] I must say I'm very tempted to get a pair myself. One of my very favorites would be this photo you see above which is made of antiquated calf leather. I adore the buckled strap with the fringe and perforated design you see all over. It just screams timeless elegance with a modern twist if you ask me, more so if you see the white version of this on the next page. I'm just screaming with sheer delight!

One more thing I love about these shoes would be the fact that they come with their very own and exclusive shoe-tree made of palisander wood and a 4 GB USB flash drive covered in saffiano leather that contains a video of how the shoe was made. Classily divine, isn't it?

One other version I'm lusting after would be this pair in the same antiquated leather but with a double buckled strap and perforated motif. Jadore!

For the eternally curious, each pair would set you back about USD 990 and I must say for hand-made shoes BY PRADA, they're not bad at all!

CREDITS: Photos from Prada