Occasionally, I allow my readers to get a glimpse into my own personal world - with all the swirling thoughts and nuances that get stuck in one's head each and every day, I think it's only healthy to find a decent source of release. Otherwise, we'll all go bonkers.

As I stare at the screen, looking at this get-up I'm sharing with everyone, I feel a sense of nostalgia with how I seemingly look out onto the world. It reminded me of that sense of determination I had prior to joining the corporate world - the willingness and eager urge to succeed and make a name for myself...somewhere. After 5 whole years of being in the business, I find myself wondering. There comes a point in time when we all reach a certain crossroad and you just pause and contemplate about how things are going.

Personally, I can honestly say that I still have that sense of passion for what I do in the corporate world. Otherwise, I wouldn't be basking in the feelings of both joy & frustration, each of us experience everyday at work. But then again, I pause and ponder about the sheer happiness and elation I also feel when I get to write and share my views with those of you who deign to read and visit this blog; as well as the frustration I experience when I don't get to update as much because of the hectic time I have in the "real world". I then ask myself, is it still the same passion or am I experiencing something bigger?

5 years in, I realize now that living and breathing the corporate world is both a trying and rewarding experience. Rewarding, as if you're one of the few lucky ones, deemed worthy enough by a corporate giant to join their ranks - you get to experience and live the fast-paced life in a big & bustling city, earn sufficiently to live decently and hopefully of course find that satisfaction in doing a job that you're passionate to do. Trying, on the other hand, in the sense that it takes out so much from you - time, energy and effort - and whether that's properly recognized or not is debatable to the say the least. But at the end of the day, if you love what you do - it shouldn’t matter at all.

I then realize it all boils down to one thing in the end – what is it that you love to do? You see it’s not about passion and determination; it’s about love. Love is the vehicle, whilst the former would be your fuel that allows you to trudge on. It's what makes this world go round to say the least. And with that I end this with a thought – what is it that I love to do? My answer: for now, I can still honestly say that it’s both; it’s still both. But then, what about you?