It's finally arrived - one of the most awaited pairs of women's shoes from the Spring-Summer 2012 runway shoes - the Marc by Marc Jacobs Wedge Sneakers. When I first saw this off the runway photos, it didn't have that much appeal to me. But for some reason I know ladies everywhere are clamoring for them and as you read this, they're literally flying off the shelves both in physical and web stores. Shopbop alone sells these shoes as fast as they put them online that I can't even grab hold of one. I guess you caught that huh? Yes I've been contemplating on getting one for myself - and for what it's retailing for [USD 320 or USD 455 depending on which online retailer you take it from] - it really isn't bad at all. I have my eyes on a few of the variations it's available; namely the one in Red Scarlet as you see above and the Multi-Colored options in either the white or blue base as you'll see below.

I dunno but for some reason it reminds me of those rubber shoes we all used to love as kids. I'm quite torn on this but I can definitely understand the appeal; the runway showcase speaks for itself as a matter of fact. I'm just not sure if it's really me, if you catch my drift. So what do you guys think? Should I get myself one? Let me know your thoughts - comment, tweet or whatever! Just shout out and I'll decide. But for those clamoring for one, better CLICK on those photos, as it will immediately bring you to the retailers where you can still get your very own online. So do CLICK AWAY!