Season's Round Up # 50: LAST FEW SS13 PFW FAVE SHOWS

Busy does not even encompass the amount of craziness my week has been. Preoccupied with work, visitors and events [oh and I missed out on 2 already :(] on top of falling ill - are just some of the highlights. In any case, since I haven't had time to take a breather and my week is just about to begin again, I thought I'd just share some of the last few SS2013 Women's RTW shows that I just adored. I know they're already done and over with but I couldn't help myself - these shows are just amazing! CHANEL

Extravagance as a word is not enough to describe this HUGE ASS show! From the ginormous runway and spinning windmills to the larger than life silhouettes, patterns and pearls featured on the runway to the of course infamous Chanel Hula Hoop Bag - it's a show that just screams glam and bam! No other designer could have pulled this off other than the Maestro Lagerfeld himself no? This enormous show deserves ENORMOUS LOVE and I'm sure Chanel addicts will be waiting with bated breath to grab a piece here and there when the collection comes out.


How do you beat a carousel or a train themed fashion show? Why with checked escalators and runways of course! Duh! Season after season, Marc Jacobs brings whimsy and fantasy to Louis Vuitton's shows and it's this brilliant match of fancy and amazing designs that have propelled the label into one of the BIGGEST, if not BIGGEST fashion houses in the world. This season is no different where we see Monsieur Marc push the envelope even further. Checks and seemingly stencilled floral prints would be this season's inspiration, layered with electric hues that would be enough to dazzle one's fancy for fashion. I love how he's used squares and grids, which the label is well-known for via their Damier print and reinvented it. Guess we'll be seeing a ton of checked out fasioneistas next season huh?


I guess it's enough to say that bees were Burton's inspiration for her SS13 Women's RTW Collection. And it was definitely a sweet sweet victory for her as the collection stung like a bee! If you weren't stung by the Mc Queen Bee this season, I don't know under which rock you've been hiding - you'll need to get out and get stung girl! It was sheer brilliance - colors, patterns and prints were reminiscent of beehives, honey and bees themselves. Though the fashion pieces felt more like couture vs. RTW, I think the show's highlight would be its accessories. Fasioneistas all over will definitely be lusting after the shoes, bags, clutches and jewellery that came down the runway. And who could ignore those gorgeous and fashion forward beekeeper hat? I definitely couldn't! Thinking of getting one myself! Lol Guess the Mc Queen Bee stung me that bad ;)

CREDITS: Videos from Chanel, FataleFashionll, Mc Queen