I think I've professed my love more than enough in previous posts on the color blue [see related article here] as I think it's the perfect blue for this coming Spring-Summer'12. And much to my delight my woes have been laid to rest. YSL and Gucci now have available in shops, in the most perfect shades of blue for the season, the YSL Chyc Cabas and Gucci Horsebit Rubber Moccasins. For those clamoring to have your very own Chyc Cabas there are a lot of amazing options available this season that you can purchase now. An example would be this one in gorgeous color block of navy blue and beige from Nordstrom [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE].

Or this other option in a red woven leather and linen version from Net-a-Porter [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE].

As for the Gucci Rubber Moccasins, you'll have to head on down to the nearest Gucci shop in your vicinity and have your SA reserve a pair for you. Otherwise if you're lucky enough, you can try and grab it from the Gucci Website [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE] for around USD 245. Happy blue shopping my dear a.fasione-istas! As for me, I will start crafting wardrobes to celebrate my blue loves!