HAPPY 2012!

HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear a.Fasione-istas! 2011 has been an amazing year full of blessings - including the launch of a.Fasione. And to usher in 2012, it's time to kick things off with my very first post for the new year. You all may have noticed a lack of posts from me over the past few weeks and that's mostly because I've been on vacay officially; plus I really wanted to detach myself from everything - yes including fashion blogging. The other reason is I've been doing some thinking and I think it's high time for some changes on a.Fasione. I've initially designed a.Fasione to be a fashion source - both communal and personal. And as of 2012 I'm going to start expanding a.Fasione to more than just fashion but to lifestyle - specifically sharing mine.

I've realized that more than anything else, I want to use a.Fasione to share experiences I'll be having - both in fashion and adventures that I have in life. Fashion will still be a big focus of mine, as it is my life in a nutshell. As I've mentioned, fashion to me "is the perfect expression of one’s personality, creativity and individuality.  It is art – one’s personal art." So in 2012, do look forward to more posts about fashion but at the same time, look forward to me sharing my experiences with all of you. I think life is all about sharing and I guess this will be my means of doing so.

That's about it folks. I say salute to an amazing 2011 and cheers to an even more amazing, fabulous and blessing filled 2012 for all of us!