Givenchy's quintessential a. Must Have bag - the Nightingale - also gets a fresh set of new colors for this wonderful season of spring 2012. Never have I been so enamored by the Nightingale's colors and with so many amazing options I am at a loss for words. Beginning from the top left this season offers you the classic range of black, khaki and camel; followed by seasonal hues of bright orange, bright red, natural, almond green, bright blue and dark violet. From the selection - and as you all know [see article on Search for the Perfect Blue Bag] - I myself am lusting for the one in bright blue, but the one in bright orange is not a bad option either.

Alas the fates have yet ignored my call and I have yet to find one in this color as unfortunately it's not available here in Singapore anymore. But I am sure my patience will be rewarded soon with my very own bright blue Nightingale!