There is that defining moment when you feel your heart and gut wrenching because you absolutely love something. I know for a fact that this was how I felt when I first spotted Yves Saint Laurent's MuseCéline's Luggage Tote or Givenchy's Pandora Bag - it was simply love at first sight; ergo the love affair I have with these brands have then pretty much begun and continues to flourish to this moment. And I think that moment has now arrived for Fendi, in the guise of The Chameleon Tote. It all started one fine day I was around Marina Bay Sands and I spotted this gorgeous tri-color beauty in the shop - in mouthwatering smooth leather, perfect combination of a neutral palette and of course the elegant and subtle detailing that surprisingly still makes it very Fendi. And the magic doesn't stop in the design; it's also in the pragmatic details. The flexibility in terms of use is just endless - a utilitarian workbag, an on-the-go travel bag or even as a handy dandy shopping tote - believe me the options are just endless! And I think it's all got to do with the details...

...from the useful bag divider to the multitude of inner pockets for your bits and pieces to the detachable shoulder strap - they've literally thought of it all. And if those weren't enough, the Chameleon is available in a plethora of options: solid colored pieces such as one in Acai Berry [CLICK HERE] to tri-colored beauties in all leather [CLICK HERE] to pieces that combine various materials [CLICK HERE]. My favorites you say? Well, here you have them below.

All I can say is I want my very own, and for those who know me long and well enough, they'll vouch when I say that I'll have my very own. Until then, I'll express my love and admiration for this piece of art with this homage ; rest assured it won’t be my last!

For details on pricing, you can check out my earlier post on the Chameleon [CLICK HERE].