After months and months [and more months] of speculation and soul searching for the right artistic direction - from Marc Jacobs to Alexander Wang to Ricardo Tisci - Dior has now finally settled and closed the selection with none other than Raf Simons!  Renowned most recently for bringing to life the Jil Sander name - especially with the idea of beginning the wave of colorful hues into the fashion scene - I personally think that he is [surprisingly] the right choice to succeed the infamous Galliano. Though he is known for more minimalist, elegant and simple but statement looks, buzz is floating that he will help breathe new life to the brand and it's collections. Timely and apt if you think about it, especially with this "new" business direction for Dior to be brought forward to the 21st century.

I guess only time will tell - in his case, a mere couple of months till the launch of his 1st haute couture collection for Dior - if Mr. Simons' minimalist sensibilities will bode well for a brand that has thrived for the flair of frivolity and exuberance in it's collections. But until then, I am one who is waiting with bated breath for the wonders I am sure [and definitely hoping] he will put into this iconic and mega brand that is Dior.