I know this ad has taken quite a beating across the globe. People seemed to be put off with the simplistic and seemingly lack lustre ad. Well, of course there's the undecipherable script and scruffy appearance of Brad Pitt. I guess in the first place a lot of people were wondering why Brad Pitt; considering the money he was paid for, people expected something more.

Honestly though I love the poetic feel the ad evokes. From what I’ve seen of Chanel N°5 ads they have been known to emulate 2 things – the fragrance’s character intertwined with the persona of the endorser. Nicole Kidman's was dramatic and opulent; Audrey Tautou's was romantically quirky and effervescent and so on and so forth. With the series of Chanel N°5 Brad Pitt ads, I think that it still does the same thing. Looking at it closely, there is just one message I'm getting out of it [at least in my opinion]Chanel N°5 is deep and timeless regardless.

I guess to each his/her own with this ad. Personally, I loved it. It’s inevitable. Lol. Whatever people say about it - good or bad - believe me Chanel's already gotten the publicity it needs. Almost 6 million views for both ads just about does the trick eh?