Have you guys seen the Dark Violet Limited Edition Spring-Summer 2012 color that was launched by Balenciaga last Saturday? All I can say is - it's gorgeous! I haven't been fawning over Balenciaga for a while as for some reason, in spite of the multitude of color choices available per season, I just didn't connect with what they were releasing. This time around though, I think I fell in love. Available in the City, Part Time, Velo, Envelope and the Money Wallet; you'll also see them with varying hardware but all in gold tones. The combination of dark violet & gold, in my humble opinion, is just divine!

I'm not quite sure if these are still available - considering how gorgeous they are and of course the fact that they're limited edition pieces - but if they are, I say run on down the nearest shop and just SHOP! No questions asked!

Also, if you're interested to find out what the Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2012 Colors are just click on the link and for the Fall-Winter 2012 Colors, CLICK HERE!