With Spring now in full swing, and Summer just a stone's throw away, planning ahead for Fall-Winter 2012 is upon us. And what better way to kick things off with the release of the Balenciaga Fall-Winter 2012 Bag Color Pallette.

From this color palette I'm actually thinking the Mangue, Rose Thulian, Crocus and Kraft are the best of the lot; especially when you pair it with a gold or rose gold hardware. That would be divine! I can safely say that these same colors would be the top faves and sellers when the bags are released. The rest of the colors are not that special in my opinion, potentially with the exception of Cassis and Poker Fonce. These 2 colors might work with the right hardware color and size. So what do you think of these -- any early on faves on your wish lists?

ShoppingAnthony Abalos