a.Fasione’s: ROUND UP # 8

YSL is known for it's chic and elegant style, which is why when they released the Belle Du Jour Clutch [CLICK HERE], fasione-istas everywhere clamored to have their very own. Of late, one that is rising in fashion notoriety would be YSL's Chyc Clutch. I can think of 3 words that best describe this gorgeous piece of luxury - simple, impactful and elegant. It's a statement piece on a whole different level. The famed Y logo alone is enough reason to get one of this for your very own. This clutch was first available only in the brand's cult leather material that the Chyc range is known for [as you see above]; but now it boasts of several options such as one in gorgeous gray patent leather with a gold Y logo, which retails for USD 795 via Nordstrom [CLICK HERE to PURCHASE]; and other variations in either denim, which retails for USD 737 at Saks Fifth [CLICK HERE to PURCHASE] or another one in linen for which you'll have to shell out USD 901 via Saks Fifth as well [CLICK HERE to PURCHASE].

Better save up ladies and grab your very own piece of statement luxury. The YSL Chyc Clutch - in my opinion - is definitely an a.Must Have Evening Clutch! I'd recommend getting one in full leather - lasts longer, transcends seasons and is much, much more flexible in terms of use. Though I must say the denim and linen variations are not that bad either. Just pick them if you have extra moolah to spare. Happy shopping!