a.Fasione’s: ROUND UP # 7

Looking back at all the a.Fasione Round Ups I think I must admit that I am guilty of favoritism. Majority if not all had posts on Céline; and how could I not? They're bags are just gorgeous [well, I must admit there's a bit of bias involved in this as I'm just in love with the brand. That's what brand love does for you ;)]

Caught sight of the Summer 2012 specific colors, which are different from the Spring-Summer 2012 melee of colors [CLICK HERE for RELATED POST] I posted a while back. As per usual, the summer colors consist mainly of the color-blocked options and to be fair and objective about it, I don't think all color combinations are as fantabulous as the last seasons - as a matter of fact I think there's only one combination that's worth anyone's time, which is the one in WHITE. Other than that, I'd say don't even bother - not even for the sake of finally owning one of these elusive Luggage Totes. You might as well take any one of the solid colors they have available, mostly in suede, or if you willing & able - invest in one of the exotic skin versions available [which you will see photos of if you click on next].

The other piece, which I think is new in the slew of Céline bags is this gorgeous bi-color clutch. I just think they're amazing statement pieces that will definitely spice up any girl's evening look. And the colors they have for the season transition well, regardless if it's spring, summer, fall or winter! That's about it for this edition of the Round Up.

Just a little teaser, since the blog's first year anniversary is up and coming, I'm going to make some much needed changes to the Round Up - which I think all of you should watch out for. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one.  'Till then, sayonara folks!