Slowly but surely, Victoria Beckham is gaining traction in the fashion world. She has been known for her impeccable style and taste and we're seeing that more and more as she makes her presence known through her fashion line. One of the items from her recent line, which definitely caught my attention, is the Victoria Structured Leather Tote.

Creatively made of merlot leather, it's a piece that imbibes a sophisticated minimalism - perfect for the sophisticated woman [or man] in you. With just the right amount of detailing, it's the perfect bag to match any perfectly tailored dress. For sure, this piece will cap off a totally chic and luxe look!

Check out the gorgeous detailing on the lock; as well as the amount of things you can actually put in the bag due to its spaciousness.

In my opinion, it's a perfect workbag or even travel bag. Retailing for roughly around £2118 via Net-a-Porter it's a steal for something that exudes the classic elegance of an Hermés Kelly or even the updated romanticism of a Fendi Peekaboo. Perfect for the classic, modern and strong woman that you are!