Went out with a couple of my girl friends yesterday for a nice brunch at TWG, post which went to look around with just Falqi. And since she has been staying here in Singapore for more than 6 months already, figured it's time she was initiated in the marvelous world of high-end shopping. Low and behold, I unleashed a shopping monster!

The loot? 4 pairs [would've been 5 but I thought 4 should be enough for a start] of amazing shoes that were worth every cent and penny!

First up are these amazing YSL Wedge Booties. Purchased from One Pedder at Takashimaya, these booties gave us the cooties when we spotted it. Made of soft, luxurious calf leather with gold detailing at the back as the piece de resistance! If only it were in all black, would've gotten a pair myself!

Up next would be 2 pairs of Cole Haan Boots. Falqi purchased one in a Patent Cherry Red and another in a Distressed Gray. I personally adore the former vs. the latter as it looks as scrumptious in real life as it does on the photo. The style and color is also perfect for F/W, dare I say even for the rainy season, as they're waterproof. I can imagine it in a multitude of outfits, which pleases me endlessly! I attempted to purchase one for myself unfortunately [or fortunately] my size was not available anymore.

By now, my dear friend was uber happy with her purchases [and has sworn to stop]; yet frustrated, as she still hasn't influenced me to purchase anything. After several failed attempts at Prada, Bally, Cole Haan and Burberry, due to lack of size and selection, we headed down to Dr. Martens. Oh! But before that, we passed by Herve Leger where we saw amazing couture; as well as to Giuseppe Zanotti - where she almost purchased these Louboutin-esque Cream Lace Heels.

By the time we reached Dr. Martens, I was losing hope that I'll purchase anything and so was she. At the store, my attention was captured by the newly released Ramsey Creepers [see photo above. retailing for SGD 199] and Lorne Shoes ala Mary Janes [retailing for SGD 179] - yet again attempts to persuade me to buy were for naught as sizes were scarce that day. BUT! We were entranced by these amazing High Heeled Lace-Up Boots in Burgundy. They really were gorgeous and it was too hard to pass it up considering the price it was retailing for [if I'm not mistaken around SGD 200], which seemed almost nothing to the 3 pairs of shoes she already bought.

And there you have it - the story of the shopping demon's latest fashion victim. The result - two happy and very much satisfied a.Fasione-istas. Looking forward to the shoot we're planning to showcase these amazing pieces! Do watch out for that dearest readers. So for now, a.Fasione out!