Redefining convention, Chanel under maestro Karl Lagerfeld's helm has released the Boy Collection - an antithesis to the timeless quilted designs the brand is well known for.

The new line, slated for a launch this month is seductive & alluring with a boyish charm that is utterly Chanel.  The collection comes in 4 sizes with the smallest suitable as a purse or clutch and the biggest serving you as a tote. The designs are as you see them - structured, clean, simple and elegant all at the same time.

Though the design features a more masculine feel, the color palette available to this collection stays true to Chanel. You will find available a myriad of classic Chanel colors such as deep black, bright red, gray, ivory white and forest green. Price wise, these bags will set you back anywhere from USD 2500 - 4300, depending on the size.

Personally, I find the collection ravishing. It is a departure from the brand's iconic look and feel - considering the recently launch Mademoiselle Collection. But I think its high time the brand expanded its design base into something more gender-bending. The biggest sized Boy bag is actually androgynous enough for fashion forward men.

The designs are, in any case, still very much in line with Chanel's equity. As Lagerfeld has aptly placed it "Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel."