It seems that my lust for Prada shoes won't be waning down anytime soon. After seeing the amazing Spring-Summer 2012 collection I couldn't help but have a separate post for the lust worthy brogues showcased in the collection Reminiscent of the designs seen of late in Church's Women's shoe collection [which is anyway a sister company of Prada] these brogues bring another surge of fresh air in the otherwise dull world of men's shoes. Brogues in its essence, the model has been updated with pastel and bold color palettes - as well as the addition of a flap that screams elegance.

I am personally jumping for joy for the above amazing and unique designs and I am definitely going to work hard to save up for a pair of my very own next year. For those who find them over the top, there's a plain version in classic brown that you can grab. Not as plain as you would expect as to add a bit of spice to the design, you're going to have to bear those cabbage green studs placed beneath the soles. Nonetheless, it's still a fine piece to have and own.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something more opulent vs. the block colored designs you can go for the studded pieces, which look fantastic still.

From the looks of it, the materials used to create this masterpiece would be the same as that of the Creeper Brogues they released last Spring-Summer'11. Meaning it will come in sturdy and feet-forming leather [believe you me, in spite of this, the shoes are as comfortable as it can be!]. The soles are a bit different from the past design, showcasing either a foam base or your typical leather sole base with a tinge of color. Pricing wise, my guess is as good as yours. I'm gathering that it might cost as much as the Creeper Brogues , which was at about USD 850-950 or in SGD 1300 to be roughly exact.

I'll update this entry with more details as information is released to the public so do watch out for more news on these lust worthy pieces. In the meantime, save up as well for these babies and get ready to battle hordes of fashionable men queuing up for this; as I'm sure it will be an instant hit!