Since it's launch in Prada's S/S'11 line, the Prada Creeper Brogues have left its mark in the heart of every fashionable soul around the world. Fashion houses and brands, left and right, have released their own renditions of this now iconic fashion staple but the gold standard remains and in my humble opinion will always be Prada.

The brand has definitely turned the Creeper Brogues a staple design for the brand - Prada's very own a.Must Have. As a matter of fact, you can now place Custom Made Orders of these designs from Prada's Website or even in store. You can now customize it based on color, material and height. Think of it as your very own DIY shoe project! The possibilities are endless!

And with this service in place, the question in my mind right now is - should I order me self a pair of the gorgeous Fall-Winter'11 Creeper Brogue designs I've seen? Check out the photos of Prada's F/W Creeper Brogues:

Prada has ensured that for F/W'11, the pieces will still be as lust worthy as their S/S'11 counterparts. Retailing anywhere from SGD 1,400 - SGD 1,700, depending on how the shoes are designed, the F/W'11 pieces are simply too irresistible to let go of! My favorite of the lot would be the Spazzolato Fume in Bleu as seen above. Regal, timeless and a statement - words that just pop right out of my head when I see this design.

Another piece, which I am in love with, would be the Spazzolato Color in Scarlatto + Tabacco [forefront] and the Tabacco + Nero design in the middle.  The combinations just scream sophistication in Fall don't you think?

Aside from the above, some of the famed S/S'11 designs got a splash of F/W goodness with similar color palettes released seemingly doused with a coat of varnish. The effect - sleek, stated looks that will make any man's outfit scream elegance in a flash! Check out these in Tabacco + Giallo and Verde + Bluette.

Too difficult to resist aren't they? I'm just itching to get a hold of one of these F/W beauties myself! So for those who just can't wait, I suggest that you head on down to the nearest Prada boutique and pre-order your very own F/W Creeper Brogues. They're definitely a.Must Haves in my book!

CREDITS: Images from Prada F/W'11 Men's Collection Book