My days have suddenly gone topsy-turvy, ergo the lack of posts in the past few days. And with the bit of free time I've had, I decided to spend it resting my tired soul by window shopping. Inspiration struck instantly with the Fall-Winter 2011 collection of Alexa bags from Mulberry.

Going around Takashimaya I saw these gorgeous F/W'11 renditions of the Alexa and I fell in love instantly! First color which drew my attention would be the one in Soft Buffalo in Bright Cabbage. It's a sinful combination of luscious bright green that just screams 'get one of me'! The leather is as soft and buttery as it can get, making it even harder to resist.

Another color in it's arsenal of amazing hues for F/W'11 is this one in a Deep Burgundy Red. Also in soft buffalo leather, this color reminds me of yummy and juicy cranberries that you just can't resist to take a bite from. My favorite of the lot would be the one in Grain Nappa Leather in a nice Pumpkin color. I feel that this is the one that packs the right amount of punch as an intermediary between a classic and trendy color, as well as a spring or fall piece, don't you think? The leather, though not in the classic soft buffalo is still as alluring and sturdy, if not more, than the classic buffalo.

All 3 colors come in the regular and oversized versions amounting to £785 and £925 respectively if you buy it online from Mulberry. Alternatively, here in Singapore these bags amount between SGD 2200-2500 depending again on the size. My say on this, time to save up folks! I know I'm going to for the one in ravishing pumpkin! It's a piece worth getting, specially if you're considering on getting your very own workbag.

Photos from Mulberry