Since I've been having hectic & crazy days one after the other of late, I decided I needed to watch something that will help me decompress before I face the work force tomorrow. I thought Monte Carlo would do the trick - a no nonsense romantic comedy - that I watched with 2 of my friends [I know, I know WTF right? So sue me, it's a guilty pleasure] and thank God I had low expectations. The story sucked as hell, but I must say the movie had redeeming factors, apart from the romantic cheessy-ness . What are they you may ask? Well for one, they featured fashion that was fantastically fab. I honestly loved the gowns the 3 lead ladies wore in the ball scene. Leighton Meester simply radiated old Hollywood glam in Christian Dior. Katie Cassidy exuded southern belle in J Mendel. And of course we have Selena Gomez - in an amazing Oscar de la Renta [though I must say, I hope she wore something else as she was dwarfed by her co-stars in this scene].  The pièce de résistance would be the Bvlgari necklace paraded throughout the film. It was simply - scrumptious and desire worthy.

So you may ask, what was the other thing which redeemed it for me? Well, the leading men of course! Drop dead gorge men and I think my female friends who have watched this will agree. They lusted after Luke Bracey - who's outdoorsy charm and marry me demeanor rendered their knees weak like jelly. I, on the other hand, adored Pierre Boulanger. My heart was stolen at first glance. Who can resist the wavy hair, those piercing eyes and the accent that just screams French hotness?

Thank God for the fashion and the men - the movie did it's job of relaxing me in time for work tomorrow - plus I'm inspired to boot - fashion wise of course [hahaha].