Finally, Louis Vuitton has heeded the cries of fashionistas out there with the launch of the Speedy Bandoulière - a refurbished version of the well-loved Speedy design. The change? Just the mere addition of a shoulder strap, truly making this classic design as flexible as possible. Oh and believe you me, the options are endless! Check out the possibilities with this campaign Louis Vuitton has commissioned with the new Speedy Bandoulière in action out and about in London. The bag is now flexible to be used as a workbag with a sling to weekend getaways as a weekend/travel bag. The possibilities are just endless!

Available in 4 sizes -25 [USD 1065], 30 [USD 1090], 35 [USD 1115], 40 [USD 1140] - the decision on which size to purchase of this bag is really left to your imagination, considering how economical and versatile the bag is with the addition of [yes!] just a shoulder strap!

Simplicity and function at it's finest don't you think? I must say it is simply an a.Must Have! The strap is such an essential piece of the design that you can call this addition a reinvention of the old into something essentially new.

You can head on down to the nearest boutique in your neighborhood or better yet order online from Louis Vuitton.com. It's a bag that's too good to pass on!

And at that, I leave you with a question - "what adventures do you intend to have with your Speedy Bandoulière?" A perfect question that matches the campaign photo don't you think?