People who know me are aware of how I feel about Longchamp. It's not on the top of my list as a fave bag and I've been teasing friends who have them. A few days ago, I spotted this Longchamp bag in a shop at Scape Orchard and it's designs such as these that make me think there is hope for the brand. This is the Longchamp x Bless collaboration. It's a piece that's been in the market for a while now and just came to my knowledge recently. A limited edition design, it's made of linen that can be rolled-up into a donut, which alternatively you can use as a bracelet.

A unique style that in my opinion keeps the essence of Longchamp, whilst injecting the right amount of fasione into the design. For those interested, it's retailing for SGD 568, so if you want it head on down to Scape and grab a piece of this limited edition beauty!