One of the things I was so sad I wasn't able to take home today was Gucci's Horsebit Rubber Moccasins. Available only in Gucci Paragon [for those based in Singapore], these moccasins are as unique and inspired as they can be. Made entirely out of rubber, these shoes are as comfortable as they can get. Though I was only able to try out a pair 3 sizes bigger than my usual, the material is soft and pliable - leaving a relaxing and cool sensation on your feet when worn. It felt really comfortable, in spite of what you may think. Further to that, it doesn't even look like rubber until you start wiggling your feet and the material expands.

Currently, it’s available in several colors such as blue, green and black. The horsebit hardware is only offered in silver as far as I am aware.

I have my beady eyes on the green moccasins and probably the blue one. According to the SA I spoke with, stocks and sizes refresh by end August and I simply cannot wait.  They really are worth it for the cost - retailing for only SGD 350 for something so simple and exquisite.

One additional tip - was told by the Gucci SA I spoke to that another color - Cherry Red - will be available for the rubber moccasins when stocks refresh. If these boots are any indication of how it looks, then I'm definitely pouncing on them as well. The color is too delicious to ignore! a.Must Have in any shoe collection!