Post my Club 21 Bazaar trip, I felt like going on my weekly window-shopping trip today and I wasn't disappointed. Passing by Givenchy Paragon, I spotted several of the brand's Fall-Winter 2011 bags, which are simply divine. I saw this gorgeous Antigona and several scrumptious versions of the Nightingale.

First up is this luscious Givenchy Antigona in black buffalo leather. From the intricate gold details - specially the golden ring border - to the detachable sling, this bag fits the bill as a perfect statement bag! This specific style I've posted is in medium, which is the right size for a good professional workbag. For those interested, this beauty will set you back SGD 3400 here in Singapore.

I've been lusting for my very own Nightingale for a while now. And my passion for this has been refueled by the versions of this classic design I saw in the shop today. I spotted first the Men's Nightingale. Available in 3 colors - black, brown and gray - I personally think the one in gray is the best of the lot. Design wise, it is as stunning as it's female counterpart. The bag costs SGD 2000, which is quite economical for this specific design considering it's made entirely of soft calf leather. Furthermore, the men's version is much more flexible than it's female counterpart where the detachable sling can be extended.

Another design, which caught my eye is this unique version of the Nightingale in gray. Made fully of leather in gray with matte finishing, this version is unique as it's probably Givenchy's take on quilting. Available in large size, this bag will cost you a bit more at SGD 3700 due to the detail and full stitching all over.

And finally, my favorite of the lot is this Nightingale in black patent leather. You may think that black patent is as common as it gets, but believe you me the detail of the grain of the leather on patent makes it the most appealing of the lot - well at least for me. This bag will cost you SGD 2750, which is not bad at all given it's in the largest size.

And now, I end with my dilemma - which of these gorgeous Nightingale bags do I get?! They're just too beautiful to pass on! What do you guys think? In any case, if you're interested to grab one of these, contact C or Benny from Givenchy Paragon as these beauties are selling like hotcakes!