My latest obsession - leather bracelets or bangles - and I am going gaga trying to find the perfect pieces to create a collection of my very own. After blogging about the Hermés Kelly Double Tour bracelet and lusting after some of the YSL leather bracelets, I am now craving for the latest Fendi Leather Bracelets. First off is this beautiful Fendi Leather Cuff. Made from calf leather that's smooth and supple to the touch, it's a piece of classic elegance with just the right amount of roughness to it. It comes in several colors both in terms of the leather and hardware, but personally I think the black & gold combination is a match made in heaven. Dare I say, I think this design is even better than the Hermés Collier de Chien. This luxurious piece is available at Fendi Takashimaya where it's currently retailing for SGD 370. I'm a bit pissed though that I didn't catch this piece from Net-a-Porter as it was way cheaper - plus it went on sale!

Another piece, which I have my beady eyes on, would be the Fendi Goldmine and Calfskin Bracelet. It has a thinner strap vs. that of the cuff but wound twice to give it that look of lushness. It just screams pizzazz and refinement. This color combination is nice as well, but since I'm already after the black & gold combination for the cuff, the one in brown & gold for the Goldmine & Calfskin Bracelet has my vote!