Travel has been an essential part of Louis Vuitton's campaigns since I can recall. The brand has always aspired to create stories that are emotional and with depth, allowing those who experience the campaign and those who stand for it to immerse in a process of self-discovery.

It is no shock therefore [and I myself am quite pleased] that for their upcoming campaign, Louis Vuitton has tapped no other than Angelina Jolie.  Photographed in Cambodia by none other than Annie Leibovitz, this campaign exudes the right mix of fashion, glamour and cause that is note worthy.

To find out more about the campaign, check out the special section on Journeys in Louis Vuitton's website.  It shares several videos with stories about Cambodia to bring about awareness as well as a section that will allow you to share your own travel journeys in the process of discovery. Just got to love fashion with a cause! Brava LV!

CREDITS: Image from Louis Vuitton - Travels