I know that Chanel as a brand is regarded highly by fasione-istas all over the world and I must say that I have the same respect as everyone else for this brand. And now, my respect has shot up through the roof with the ingenuity that Karl Lagerfeld has. Introducing the Chanel Interlaced Chain Bracelet. Inspired by the chain on the Chanel Classic Flap, which people toy around as they handle their bags when they carry these luxe goods, the brand has now released them as fab bracelets. Available in beige, gray and plum mixed with gold hardware, they are just amazing pieces of design and I myself am lusting after them [more than the hot & stunning Abercrombie & Fitch models queuing outside the Singapore flagship store].

Another option, which is a bit more subdued and rugged would be these 2 pieces in silver hardware, available either in turquoise or taupe. Stupendous pieces aren't they?

No word yet on when they will be launched but I am definitely keeping my eye out for these pieces and will clamor to own one. They're just too fantabulous to pass on! Do watch out for any updates on these right here at a.Fasione!