What are friends for if not to shop with [or better yet, shop for] ? It's been 2 weeks in a row that I've cast my a.Fasione influence on my friends and first up is my dear friend Ann's purchase - the Céline Trapeze. When I first saw this bag, I thought I was seeing double - rather, the child of the Céline Luggage and the Céline Box. And I must say, they did make such a beautiful child. It's the perfect piece for fashionable ladies in the corporate world with the right amount of chic and bite. This specific Trapeze is made of Céline's fine quality leather, with a front flap that's stamped to look like crocodile leather - and dare I say the look and quality is outstanding. It comes with a handle, which you can use to hand carry or to accessorize the crook of your arms. For those days when you just want to lug it around, there's a detachable strap that you can turn your lovely Trapeze into a shoulder bag - making it the perfect workbag.

Retailing for only SGD 2500 at Céline Takashimaya, it's the perfect fall accessory for fashionable corporate ladies on the go. It will add just the right amount of class and power to any outfit! Unfortunately ladies, this specific piece is the last of the sort as per my sources. But fret not, I'm sure the shop will be stocking more of them as the F/W'11 pieces come in. And I must say, they re just divine! So head on down the shop to queue yourself up for fabulosity!