I can't believe that I never created a post for this bag and I must say I myself am disappointed. I realized this grave mistake after I spotted the Céline Frame Bag (aka The Doctor's Bag) at Takashimaya this morning, whilst I was doing my rounds. The bag is made out of soft, buttery lambskin leather and I must say, the simplicity of the design is the reason why it's such an extravagant piece. Contradictory don't you say? It's hard to explain but it really is stunning even when you see it in person. It's almost a sin not to whip out your credit card and take home one!

It comes in 2 sizes, the longer version as you see above and the shorter version, as you will find in the next page. It's also available in a myriad of colors but of the moment I think the shop only carries these 2 designs - one in a color block elephant gray and deep brown combination and another in a deep rich burgundy. Really really stunning pieces!

The joy of it is regardless of the design or the size it costs for about SGD 4000. If you want my advice, I'd say take the longer piece in a deep burgundy - if available. It's the pinnacle of haute bag designs!