With the emergence of Custom Made Shoes rising of late, Bally has now joined the forefront with a strong heritage to back itself. The brand has launched in September last year the Bally Scribe Shoes - custom made shoes involving over 200 meticulous steps to create one of a kind pieces that's made just for you. Employing a special technique to create these shoes - the Goodyear Welting Technique allows Bally craftsmen to form high quality, premium shoes that are built to last with extreme comfort in mind.

Traditionally made of organic materials such as a flexible cork mid-sole to its double cotton yarn stitching, the Scribe Shoes are as unique as it can get. With a myriad of designs, colors and natural materials to choose from, shoe fanatics everywhere will be bombarded with options after options in designing their very own shoe pieces. It'll be difficult to get just one pair if you think about it.

Scribe shoes can cost anywhere from SGD 1200 - SGD 1850 and will take about 3 months to create if you're ordering here in Singapore. For what it's worth, I think it's definitely an investment worth making given the precision, time and materials used to make these pieces. Each piece is stamped with uniqueness as the model number and size details are handwritten on the inside of each shoe. Furthermore, an embedded metal Bally Crest is placed on soles of certain designs; with others featuring the brand's trademark brogue pattern.

To find out more about this amazing piece of service, head on to Bally's Website and check out a bit more detail on how these luscious shoes are made. You can also head on to your nearest Bally Store and ask a friendly SA or 2 about them - might as well get one yourself while you're there. It's definitely worth the investment! a.Must Have!