It's that time of the year again when you have to refresh your wardrobe and accessories with the coming season's latest colors and here we have Balenciaga's assumed flurry of vibrant hues that will keep you company this Spring-Summer 2012. From what I've seen, there may only be 6 colors available this season that will refresh Balenciaga's classic bags - from the City to the Velo - so fasione-istas out there won't run out of options for the upcoming season. My absolute fave of the lot would be the Glycine, followed by the Dark Violet and finally the Coquelicot. One caveat though - do note that this may not be the final Spring/Summer 2012 color palette as I think they're missing out on some fun colors for the upcoming season such as one in a bright yellow or warm orange which I'm sure would look fab on Balenciaga's classic bags. So do watch out for any updates I may have on this. For now - enjoy the hue of colors assumed to be available and start planning [and saving] if you're lusting for one of the above colors.