Balenciaga has been well known in creating few & unique designs that transcend time yet are quirky. The look is always edgy yet classic; striking yet simple - with colors as the only cue that a new season has come. This much is true for their classic pieces such as the City, Papier and the Giant. With the arrival of F/W'11, I think it's about time that they release a new design that I personally think should be considered - a classic.

The Balenciaga Padlock Shoulder Bag is a new design that was spotted this season. Though in their website it's segmented under the seasonal section, I personally believe this is one - if not the only - design that can transcend into the ranks of longstanding bags for the brand. After several attempts, I believe this specific piece of art screams quintessential in the making! It has the classic understated elegant roughness that Balenciaga is well known for as a bag brand; plus the fact that I think this bag will look great in any color.

Made of sturdy calfskin - as far as I've seen, this bag is only available in Bleu Lavande and another in Maroon. The hardware of the padlock enclosure in the front is made of gold plated metal. The shoulder strap is extendable and it also has the classic Balenciaga leather framed mirror.  A nice zip pouch at the back - as you can see below - is also available, which I believe will allow you to put in emergency items such as phone or metro card for quick retrieval.

The downside which I think this bag has is the fact that it doesn't have any lining inside. Nonetheless, this is something easily remedied if and when the bag kicks off and becomes a classic piece [fingers crossed].

CREDITS: Image from Balenciaga