The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) in LA just wrapped-up a few days ago and as always, the show made waves. From Beyonce's pregnancy to Amy Winehouse's tribute to Britney Spears receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard award; it definitely was a night to remember. One of the things I found most interesting that night was the fashion, and believe you me I did not expect much from the VMAs. I typically associate this specific awards show with wacky and out of this world couture - giving our celebrities a chance to experiment and be different. Well of course, there are your usual suspects who would stay true to this such as Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. But this year, there were a few head turners and note-worthy fashions showcased; and I have my top 5 picks and a few others whom I couldn't quite place. Making my top 3 list would be Beyonce, Taylor Lautner and Victoria Justice. The looks these 3 had were simply stunning! From the muumuu Lanvin dress that Beyonce wore to the Theia mini-dress Victoria had, fashionable couture was in full force. These 3 celebs just looked divine and very well put together.

Rounding up my top 5 would be Selena Gomez and my absolute fave pop artist, Britney Spears. Black was the color of the night for these 2 lovely stars - with Selena rocking it in a Julien MacDonald stunner of a creation [though I could care less for her hairdo which I believe was an injustice to this outfit] and Britney finally rocking fashion in an equally exquisite piece from Moschino.

To wrap this post up, we have Joe Jonas, Zoe Saldana and Katie Holmes. I have my uncertainties on the totality of the ensemble these next 3 celebrities chose, but I do believe there were some amazing pieces that are worth highlighting. I personally think the Alaia mini-dress Katie wore was fabulous; reminding us of the fashionable girl we fell in love with! My only concern is I wasn't too sure about the choice of shoes she had on, which for me was a wee bit off. Joe, on the other hand, sported this amazing blazer with a plain white polo but the distressed jeans are a total no-no for me. Lastly, we have dear Zoe. I personally believe the totality of her ensemble that night saved her - from the amazing Barbara Sui dress to the Lanvin clutch and Ofira jewelry [which I absolutely adore!!]. It's just her hair and make-up made her look and feel tired and old. T'was such a waste!

That's about it for my 2011 VMA's a.Celeb's Fashions. What are your thoughts? Do let us know!