5 Must Have a.Bags: THE GOLDEN BAG

The time has come for the final bag type that I would recommend every one should have. And of course, I've saved the best type for last. For the finale of the 5 Must Have a.Bags series, I introduce to you - The Golden Bag. Unlike the others in the series, I won't be dwelling too much on this bag type. It's simple really, if you think about it. The Golden Bag has no specific utility in mind; rather it is a bag type that one treasures. Why you may ask? For several reasons - 1) the design is simply lust worthy, 2) it is a classic piece, and 3) it's a bag that's the envy of all - primarily because of 2 reasons: a) there's a long wait list before you can have one and/or 2) it costs a lot. Simple, no?

Personally, I only have 3 brands in mind that have bags, which can fall into this category. These brands have created legends, for one reason or another. The Big 3Hermés, Chanel and of late Céline - have borne bag designs that are worthy of being called The Golden Bag.

The first and the most elite of the lot would be designs from Hermés. I believe this iconic luxury brand has 3 styles - the Birkin, the Kelly and the Constancewhich can be considered as Golden Bags.

Following Hermés would be Chanel. This classy and elegant fashion house has 2 clutch/shoulder bags, which women all over the world covet after - the Classic Flap Bag and the Reissue 2.55. Having any one is a sign of stature and prestige that transcends time.

The last of the lot is a recent entrant in the category - Céline.  Under the helm of Madame Philo, not only was the brand resuscitated, it saw the birth of the Luggage Tote and the Classic Box. These designs are now the source of desire for every fashionista out there. Best of luck to those who are still yearning of getting a hand on at least one or the other!

And that is it for my 5 Must Have bag types. My first series is officially over. Watch out for the recap I'm going to have on the 5 Must Have a.Bags. Also, do keep checking in every now and then for my latest recommendations for each type!