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I take inspiration from the immortal words of legendary stylist and ex-Vogue fashion editor Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele - "Style don't have season. Nothing is démodé when it's great pieces." There are no truer words.

Creativity and style isn't about just the latest IT seasonal piece. It's more about buying pieces that 1) reflect you, 2) works well with your existing wardrobe pieces and 3) are timeless as YOU define it. Rules I intend to abide moving forward.

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Singapore Fashion Week (SFW) is over and done with and I must say it seems it has made a mark at least within the Asian fashion scene...This way it would set the stage for a more permanent opportunity for local designers to flourish and boast of the amazing collections available here; bolstering not only the already strong fashion consumerism in this country but elevating it to that of art.

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Impressed does not even begin to cover what I felt seeing their work given the level of ability these up and coming stars have shared on the runway. The level of technicality and ideas they had were on par dare I say with the world stage and that in itself is a rare feat!

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