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As such I pose a question - do you follow brands or do you follow designers? With the merry go round that has and is happening in the world of fashion, don't you think this is a question worth asking yourself? In this day and age when a brand or fashion house is only as good as the designer at the helm of its collections, do you think the answer is obvious?

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That was what was positive. That was what was big news.

The hype is alive and well of late. But of course no worthy cause - even one as altruistic as eliminating the erstwhile divisive lines of gender - will have a barrier free ride. Look at feminism. It in itself still has serious inroads to trek through.

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In this instance, I will not deny that age definitely matters. 5 wardrobe updates later and believe me when I say this wasn't driven by just the change in sartorial styles and seasons. After all we aren't immortals and time is not on our side on this one. The fountain of youth is in our hands and it's what you do to achieve that health longevity which really matters. As they say it's better late than never.
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But one question comes to mind - why is it that women who wear men's clothes or men "inspired" clothes are seen as strong and forward while men who wear women's clothes are seen as "sissy" or "fragile"? Why is there still a difference in the judgment of people who wear these clothes if in fact they are just clothes at the end of the day?

Some may find my way of dressing a tad extreme, others would say creative. Well to that I say, it's a work in progress but that work in progress is where my sense of style lays. I'm constantly trying to find just the right balance between the dichotomy of womenswear and menswear. You can learn to hate it or appreciate it but all that matters to me is that I'm comfortable in it as much as I am with my own skin.
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