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What more can we ask for - well maybe our very own Jo Malone boutique in our boudoirs?!

The price of progress has been at the cost of exclusivity and as such the idea of luxury becomes an even more elusive dream. This is where fragrance mixing steps in - a counterculture of sorts for "massified" scents where the idea of mixing several fragrances to create your very own trumps the idea of pre-mixed options pushed out by brands or individuals that evoke their very own "personal" perfume philosophies. 

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2014 flew by so fast and here we are a year later celebrating the dawn of a new year. I'm sure, most of you have been going to a ton of holiday parties and who can blame you? After all 'tis the season! It is just fair and right to celebrate the year that has been and the year that is to be. After all, life is about living it up and welcoming the new.

Segue then to a New Year's tradition that I'm sure everyone's all so familiar with - that ever elusive NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION'S LIST. Personally I'm keeping my list quite sweet and short this year - focusing on key must do's. One that I'm sharing right now is the quest for GOOD HEALTH - encompassing everything from exercising regularly to taking care of my skin.

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