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As such I pose a question - do you follow brands or do you follow designers? With the merry go round that has and is happening in the world of fashion, don't you think this is a question worth asking yourself? In this day and age when a brand or fashion house is only as good as the designer at the helm of its collections, do you think the answer is obvious?

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Welcome to 2016! Another year has passed, and it has been nothing but marvelous. As per my last post in 2015, the past year has brought on a lot of ups and downs but overall I'm grateful and eternally thankful for all the lessons learned, fun times had and amazing experiences taken in.  2015 is officially over and done - we're out of the woods y'all and ready for something major!

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I take inspiration from the immortal words of legendary stylist and ex-Vogue fashion editor Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele - "Style don't have season. Nothing is démodé when it's great pieces." There are no truer words.

Creativity and style isn't about just the latest IT seasonal piece. It's more about buying pieces that 1) reflect you, 2) works well with your existing wardrobe pieces and 3) are timeless as YOU define it. Rules I intend to abide moving forward.

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